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Educational Policy

The purpose of the Faculty of Education is to train students to become highly skilled and effective teachers. We spare no effort to produce highly-qualified teachers, especially in the following areas: the education of the mind and heart, which relates to issues Kochi is aiming to address such as the moral education and special needs education, English education in response to globalization, and science and technology education, which will contribute to the development of science, mathematics and technology in the future. We also place great importance on helping students prepare to be educators or parents involved in preschool education based around exercise, music and drawing activities.


Key Features of the Curriculum

Elementary school and junior high school teacher training (or special needs school teacher training) are integrated throughout our curriculum. Students can acquire the communication and practical leadership skills necessary for education by developing relationships with children, school personnel and local residents in our 4-year practical training course. Furthermore, students can enhance their abilities by studying a wide range of subjects – the liberal arts, the fundamentals of the teaching profession such as pedagogy and psychology, and other subjects related to their specific interests. We require students to obtain a teacher license.

14 Programs in the Teacher Training Division

4- Year Practical Training Programs


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